Wellness follows balance.

Gaia Wellness combines personal training, nutritional and wellness coaching. Wellness means finding a healthy balance between your physical, emotional and spiritual self. Let Julia guide you in your wellness journey.

Personal training.

Reach your health and fitness goals faster and safer, while having fun. Excercise programs are individually tailored to your fitness level. Programs can target weight loss, body toning, cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Individual, couples and small group training available. Studies show using a trainer can help you achieve up to 80% better results and three times faster than on your own.

Better Results

Faster Goals


Wellness coaching.

Life is all about balance. Wellness requires more than just exercise and good nutrition. Rather, it requires achieving balance in all aspects of health, including physical, psychological, social, economic and environmental factors. Wellness coaching helps you make better general choices that fit your lifestyle. It gives you the knowledge, motivation and tools to reach optimal health and wellbeing.

About your trainer.

I’m passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle. I’ve been a personal trainer, wellness coach and lifestyle writer since 2009. I empower people to achieve optimal health and wellness through effective exercise, wholesome nutrition and healthful lifestyle choices. My client’s pursuit of a better, healthier, more balanced life, inspires me to embrace every one of their wellness goals as my own. You can read my LinkedIn profile to learn more about my athletic, professional and academic achievements.

– Julia Lette

My LinkedIn Profile

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

– Hippocrates

Healthy Recipes eBook OUT NOW


This book is my chance to share with you some of my favourite wholesome recipes. The recipes are all plant based and free from grains, refined sugar and dairy. This reflects how I cook for myself, and for my family and friends. I hope this book inspires you to create delicious, wholesome meals and to take pride in nourishing yourself, your family and your friends. NOURISHED contains 26 of my own grain-free, sugar-free and dairy-free original recipes.

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Contact Julia.

I am currently available for indoor training at Anytime Fitness Collingwood or outdoor/home training in the inner-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Feel free to contact me any time to discuss your health, fitness and wellness goals.

0404 710 522
julia gaiawellness.com.au
162-164 Wellington St Collingwood

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